Pure Honey

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Honey is a sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers. It gets its sweetness from the mono-saccharides fructose and glucose and has approximately the same relative sweetness as granulated sugar.


It is common knowledge that honey is a wonderful natural product that keeps your family healthy. What is not commonly known is that only the purest honey can deliver this promise of health.

Enjoy HALAL Forest Honey as a delicious topping on toasts, or as a natural sweetener in energy drinks and desserts. It is enriched with energy sources from sucrose and fructose.

HALAL Forest Honey is an excellent digestive and antioxidant and provides protection from allergies when used regularly.

This contains 69% glucose and fructose, making it the perfect sweetener, and it provides 64 calories per tablespoon.

Indicates as an adjutant in respiratory disorders, cough, cold and allergic conditions.

It includes vitamin, minerals, proteins, iron, sodium, phosphorus and calcium.

1 to 2 teaspoonfuls taken daily, with either milk or lime juice, will have you glowing with health.


Honey (Meldespumatum, Madhu)



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