Jamun Honey

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Natural Organic Jamun Honey from the pastures is sourced from bees that feed and forage primarily on Jamun blossoms. It is collected from the UTRAKHAND region and harvested in August when the flowers blossom. It has a mild and sweet flavor and is rich in vitamins and minerals. It a an excellent source of nutritional and can be used as a calming and sedative agent . Used as a health supplement by itself this honey ,if taken 2 tablespoons daily, is shown to have extensive health benefits.
Honey has the ability to inhibit ulcers and prevent cancer.
It is a rich source of antioxidants and helps prevent premature ageging and cardiovascular diseases.
Honey also has first aid capabilities. Gauze dipped in honey can be used to cover wounds and burns .It helps soothe injuries and prevent infections.
Honey is good for the eyes and imporves eye sight.
Honey which is stored and old is known to imporve metabolism.
Helps in weight loss ,kidney diseases,



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