About Dr Najm Rehan

najmDr Najmuddin (NAJM REHAN) was born in Hyderabad – the city of lights, on July 17, 1989(in certificates 1988), a Turk by origin, he did his early schooling in his native city. Despite being the son of late Basheeruddin Quadri, a renowned political and social figure and Mrs Quadri , Dr Najm Rehan has earned his present status on his own merit. He studied at Hyderabad’s prestigious and historical institution OSMANIA UNIVERSITY for MASTERS in ISLAMIC STUDIES . Besides curricular activities he has participated greatly in extracurricular activities. As an intellectual, writer, film maker and orator, he is widely acknowledged. During his student days he became an icon of debating fraternity, After having gained a reputation of a speaker and film maker, he wanted to exhibit his writing skills. For this purpose he chose journalism to accomplish his aspirations. and established SANSANI TIMES English Daily news paper which is published from Hyderabad . In the beginning of his careerhe learnt a lot from seniors , His career and life is full of tragedies , in the age of 16 his father was passed away he was very close to his father, he studied in ALIA JUNIOR COLLEGE gun foundry Hyderabad , He was a former boxing player who played for sports authority of Andhra pradesh, he also won state best boxer award in 2005, he worked on more than 100 documentary films based on Islamic history and Sufism, Dr Najm Rehan is the man of many qualities, prominent scholar who possesses a pleasing disposition, a writer whose name become synonymous with truthfulness and bravery in the field of journalism, a columnist whose articles inspire his readers, and a Naat khuwan whom Allah Almighty gifted a melodious voice, but above all this – he is a learned person and a true lover of Prophet Mohemmed (SAWW). Even his adversaries acknowledge this fact. He is a brilliant orator and author of high caliber. He possesses a style in speech and in his writing that is his very own and unique.He is the follower of allama iqbal in other words iqbal’s poetry played a key role in his life which converts a Film Directors life in to a Islamic Researcher , Dr Najm Rehan started his career in the age of 16 when he was a junior college student , and worked on many projects in the field of electronic journalism , he also owned a title THE YOUNGEST NEWS PAPER EDITOR in India , Being an author of high caliber, he wrote many books. Recently, his finest work came in public; titled “THE SECRET ARMY OF DAJJAL(The Anti Christ “ ) it is a research work which was done by him for four years on MASONIC najm2SOCIETIES,SECRET ORGANISATION and There MISSION , Renowned scholars like Dr.Ismail Qadri & Dr Fazal Ahmed commented on the publication of this book as the most exhaustive and a most authentic research work on ASARUL QAYAMAH published so far in Urdu. Dr Najm Rehan also does a special transmission named “Tib-e-nabawi(pbuh)” in twice in a week on MQ TV Hyderabad, through which he is satisfying people’s queries and trying hard to clear the actual concepts of Islamic Medicines . He has been playing a stupendous role for the last 13 Years to demolish the discrimination among the Muslims on the basis of different sects. On 17 July 2011 He honored with the Title SAIFUL UMMATH ( sword of believers) by the youngster of SUNNI STUDENTS FEDERATION in Bangalore,He Also honored with FAQRE HIDUSTAN (PROUD OF INDIA) award by MUSTAFAWI ACADEMY Kolkata, The year 2014 started with a great achievement for Dr Najm REHAN .as he Honored with HAKEEM AJMAL KHAN GLOBAL AWARD for his research and work in the holistic medicines field of TIB-e-NABAWI, He is the first and Youngest Indian to receive international award in the filed of tibe nabawi, Dr.NAJM REHAN the person who given thought of ISLAMIC GEMOLOGY to the world before his research gemology was different subject which was don’t have any link with Islamic medicines,